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Grab a journal in time for Christmas

Dog Adventure Journal

The adventure journal is officially back in stock and ready for your adventures. Stop the scroll, put pen to paper & create your own unique memory book. Available in the UK only.

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New this Season!

Stationery inspired by dogs, adventure and nature

As a women-owned small business, based in West Yorkshire, my mission is to encourage adventure & mental wellness through journaling, dogs and the great outdoors. I offer a range of adventure/dog-themed notebooks, journals & stationery - all waiting for your creativity.

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Planning + dogs = happiness. Dog inspired diaries for getting organised. 



Beautiful notebooks of all sizes inspired by dogs, nature & adventure. 



Stickers galore! Beautiful stickers inspired by adventure, dogs & nature. Shop my... 



Shop my range of dog & adventure inspired journal accessories. 

Washi Tape & Sticker Sheets

Washi Tape & Sticker Sheets

Washi tapes are the perfect accessory for jazzing up your journals, crafting and... 

  • Journaling

    Journaling makes you more mindful overall. Taking time to reflect & plan has been known to boost mindfullness, communication and memory skills. Combine this with dogs & the outdoors and you're on to a winner!

  • Dogs

    Dogs are pretty awesome. It’s something about the unconditional nature of their love - the way they see beyond your eccentricities, your skin colour, your gender, clothes and dodgy dance moves. The perfect companions for life's adventures.

  • Adventure

    From the Peaks to the Scottish Highlands, adventure reconnects us with nature and your inner self. Wherever you are in the world, adventure is out there - you've just got to take the first step. You never know what you'll discover.

  • Mental Health

    In a digital age, it's important to take time to work on your mental well-being. Practing regular journaling can offer perspective, unlock inspiration and maintain a sense of oneself. Remember to also practice self-care!

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